Monday, January 25, 2010

Framing, Fabric, and Fun!

Caleb and I had a rather productive Saturday.  I've been wanting to frame his football jersey for a while now, but I've learned that decisions like that require his input.  So we did it together.  When he moved into the house, we made one of the bedrooms "The PC Room."  Kinda silly, but oh well.  We painted it blue, and I sort of don't love the shade of blue it ended up being.  However, I disliked painting more so this blue is going to work.   Here's a picture of the framed jersey.  The baby Massengills are gonna be so proud of their daddy one day, hehe!

Our next project is going to be re-covering this amazing chair we "inherited" from Caleb's grandfather.  I like to call it "Big Green."  It's a rocking chair covered in this shade of green that just makes you wanna...well, it's green.  Caleb kept it in his dorm room at PC all 4 years if that tells you anything.  It, too, is in the PC room.  It really is an awesome rocking chair, just needs a new color.  We went to a fabric store Saturday afternoon, and I was fascinated.  There are so many pretty fabrics!  I found one that's green and beige stripe that I love!  We haven't decided on anything yet, but here's the special chair.

And finally, Saturday night, we had our first Supper Club.  Sounds all mature and grown up, huh?  Well, it's not.  Just for fun : )  There are 4 couples currently...Megan and McNeil (some of our best friends from college), Sara Margaret and Matthew (a couple we met in our Newlyweds Sunday School class) and Sarah and Justin (who just happen to be SM's and Matthew's friends from PC as well as friends from Megan and McNeil's church).  It's a small world.  We celebrated the upcoming/just past birthdays.  Aren't they cute?

It was a fun Saturday!

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Courtney said...

Awww....Sara Margaret and Sarah McCue! Please tell them HEY for me!!!