Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Woods 7 Months

Happy 7 Months, Baby Woods!  Well, it was on the 9th.  So you'll be 8 months soon.  Whoops!

It has been a really sweet, fun month for you!  You're the happiest little sitter ever.  I'm so thankful you aren't mobile yet.  You can roll over which is helpful because you like sleeping on your tummy, but a happy non mobile sitting baby is my JAM! You are starting to do better at church nursery, and you started going to "school" with your big brothers.  Gigi still keeps you on Tuesdays, and I have you all on Thursdays.  You love Mrs. Juliane and Mrs. Kelly at school!

You laugh like crazy at your big brothers and their chaos.  You LOVE toys.  All the toys.  You are starting to really "talk" to us.  You say da-da and Hey!  Your first tooth popped through on 3/17, on the left bottom.  You love green beans, yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas.  You'll still eat baby food some, but you're definitely interested in the real stuff.

We love you so very much, precious baby boy!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Woods 6 Months

Baby Woodsie,

You are 6 months old!  It has been half a year since we held you for the first time.  Having 3 littles under 4 is tough stuff, but you are really an easy going, laid back baby.  Minus the fact that you HATE your car seat and you still wake up 1-2 times a night.  Luckily, you go right back to sleep if we give you a bottle so it's super fast, and I'm not feeling cry it out yet.

You LOVE food.  If Gerber makes it, you'll eat it.  You have also tasted mashed potatoes, avocado, bananas, ice cream, pancakes, yogurt, and real green beans.  Loved it all!  Your fave is the "pear, zucchini, corn" mix.

You scoot around on your back and do this crazy little back bend thing.  You hold my hand so sweetly when you drink your bottles.  I kinda love it.

You're able to sit on your own for a seconds before you topple over.  You sleep in your sleep sack at night and for naps, and you have the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.  Your light blonde hair is getting longer, especially on top, and you have a little balding spot on the back of your head from lying down.

Gigi taught you to stick out your tongue, and it's adorable.  You love your Johnny Jump Up and your exersaucer.  Your laugh is the cutest sound, and we hear it anytime your big brothers are around.  The sillier they are, the better!

We had your well check today, and here's your percentiles:

Weight:  17 lb 12 oz, 48%
Length: 27 1/4 in, 66%
Head Circ: 44 cm, 68%

Thank you, Lord, for a healthy 6 month old baby!  We are so thankful for your precious little self and are trying to savor every second we have with you.  Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pre Christmas Fun 2016

Every year we build a gingerbread house, and every year it's a disaster.  But a fun, memory filled disaster!

Wallace became obsessed with Frosty this year.

We went to see the lights at Hollywood and were entertained by our big boys hollering at the girls in the truck beside us in line.

And these 2.  Can they look any more different?!

Promise they have the same parents!

Baby in Lights/Christmas Cookies

I love a naked baby wrapped in Christmas lights!

Sweet kisses from big brother!

The boys (especially Wilson) LOVE sugar cookies.  Gigi shows up with a  new pack for them almost weekly.  They're always a hit, and this is the extent of baking around here lately.  Break and bake cookies for the win.

After eating the allowed 3-4 cookies, I often find this...

Little cookie thief!

More Thanksgiving 2016

We went to Georgia for Thanksgiving the day after.  It was the first overnight trip we took Woods on, and I was kinda nervous about it.  He really did great sleeping in the pack and play and just rolling with it.

The McElroy's were staying at a fort about 30 miles away so we drove out to it to visit.  It was Garrison's birthday!

The kids loved running around at the fort, visiting the playground, feeding the ducks, and hiking up the big hills/mountains.

The grandkid pajama pics went much easier than in years past.  Wilson finally decided to cooperate for a group picture - Thank you, Jesus!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Woods 5 Months


You turned 5 months old last week.  We DID take the pictures on the right day.  That's a win!  You have become so much happier, more content, and easier this month.  Hooray!  You've always been pretty easy going, but it's seriously getting better and better each day.

You had your first snow day and enjoyed it until your bare hands touched it.  Cold!

You have tried rice cereal, oatmeal, veggies, and fruits - in that order.  So far, you've had carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas.  You like everything except peas which you will only eat if they're mixed with a fruit.  You prefer your food to be warm, just like your bottle.

Speaking of bottles, you're drinking all formula now.  The week after Christmas, your big brothers both got sick and needed Mommy a lot.  I had a little cold, too, and my milk supply went down a lot. It's bittersweet to be done breastfeeding as you did really well with it.  I'm so thankful for the 5 months I was able to nurse you, and I'm also thankful for Enfamil ; )  You love your bottles, and you still love cuddling and holding my hands.

You also now love your exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up.  You would stand all day long if we'd let you.  You still love bath time, and you love being read to.  I love reading books to you.  And you found your toes!

You talk a LOT while you're eating - you LOVE food.  You still aren't a big roller.  You can do it, but you don't do it often.

You smile a LOT, and you laugh like crazy when we tickle you or when your big brothers are being silly.  Ya'll adore each other, and I love that.

We love you so much, Baby Woodsie!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

We have so much to be thankful for this year, and I've grown to really love this holiday.  There's yummy food, lost of family time, and no stress of buying gifts.

One of my fave childhood memories of Thanksgiving Day is watching the Macy's parade.  Now our boys are learning to love it, too.

Love these little turkeys!

We stopped by my parent's house on the way to lunch at Jeanie's.

All 3 boys crashed for naps on the way home.  It was glorious.  Later that day, we went to pick out our Christmas tree.

One special someone had to change his clothes first.  That Wilson loves him some "fast clothes."

It was a very happy thanksgiving indeed!