Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go Blue Hose!

For any Non PC-er, "Go Blue Hose" refers to Presbyterian College's mascot.  Everybody else has like Tigers, Gamecocks, Yellow Jackets, Bulldogs.  So over rated.  PC is creative, or just weird, haha.  Anyway, Caleb and I realized last week that there was only one home PC b-ball game left this season, and we hadn't been to any yet.  Well, being the loyal Scotsman Club members we are, we headed to Clinton last night for an awesome basketball game.  It just thrills both of us to go to Clinton.  There is literally a story/memory for every inch of that town.  Caleb and I made so many friendships during our four years at PC, one of those friendships being with each other.  It is truly the Lord's work for us to have gone to school there.

During our PC years, my friends and I seemed to really become buddies with the campus police.  We never did anything "bad," just a lot of things that you could possibly get a little ticket for?  So it was in our best interests to be their best friends.  We weren't stupid : )  Here's a pic of me with Officer Stevens, one of our faves!  I was surprised to run into him at the gym last night.

It was senior night, which brought back tons of memories from our senior night.  Amanda was the only senior cheerleader I tracked down for a pic.  It was so special to see them cheer that one last time.  I felt very old though.  And I apologize for looking so rough in the pics...I came straight from a long day at work.

We went to dinner at the beloved El Hel before the game with Parker and Mark Fox.  Fox and Caleb were roommates at PC, and Fox now works as an admissions counselor for PC.  He's quite a character.  We throughly enjoy harassing each other about anything and everything.  He (along with Foley) was THAT guy who hid in the back of our car as we left our wedding reception.  It was hilarious, and pay back will be even more fun.  Watch out, Foxypoo.

For halftime entertainment, my cheerleading coach's daughter Caroline danced.  Her dance class did a cute little jig.  Caroline is the green girl on the ground.  It makes me really miss taking dance.  Luckily, Caleb and I will be putting on our boogie shoes for dance class next week.  Woo Hoo!

It is always such a treat to go back to good ole' PC.  The memories are endless.  I am super excited about seeing several of the girls I cheered with this weekend at our little reunion.  My friend Alyssa did a blog about it  (The Cogdill Crew).  Unfortunately, I don't have old pics on my computer to share with the blog world.  But no worries...there will be plenty from this weekend I'm sure.

Go Blue Hose!!!

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Alyssa said...

Yellow Jackets, Over rated? Are you sick? What has gotten into you?

And yes it was in our best interest to be best friends with officer stevens :)