Sunday, February 28, 2010

We've still got it

This weekend was our PC Cheerleading Reunion.  The 4 girls from my class and the 5 from the class younger than us got together.   I had an absolute blast.  You know you're REALLY friends when there are constant conversations for 2 whole days!

There was an awesome welcoming party Friday night.  As soon as each girl drove up, all the other girls ran outside to greet each other.  It's things like that really excite you!

On Saturday morning, a few of us decided to go for a run.  These are the few who chose NOT to  walk/run.

And the runners!  I was a bit nervous to be running with a couple of half marathon-ers, hehe.  We remembered how serious our cheerleading running used to be.  NOT.  We ran maybe 3 times total in my four years there.  And by "ran"...I mean we had 20 minute walk/run sessions.  Good times.  Anyway, the weather on Saturday was perfect for a run!

These girls will forever be the "juniors" to us.  They are so much fun and kept me laughing all weekend. I hope we're friends forever and do this reunion every year.  They're awesome!

The four of us are the "seniors."  Gail, Catie, and Alyssa are 3 of my best friends in the whole world.  We all lived together (officially) our senior year.  Best decision ever.  Love ya'll so much!

We've still got it...stunting in regular clothes and shoes on a wooden dock...  no big deal.  

And finally...YES we did a Lib!!  Stunting was hilarious and made me miss cheerleading.  Maybe I just miss spending countless hours with all of these fun girls.  
It was an incredible weekend.  Who knew playing games, cooking together, and talking could be so fun?  I have a feeling it always will be when the 9 of us get together.  Go Blue Hose : )

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