Monday, May 17, 2010


We packed up the cars this weekend and headed to Atlanta with my family!  It was our gift to my mom for Mother's Day.  She's slightly obsessed with the Atlanta Braves.  We have no idea where this obsession came from, but it's there.

They picked us up Saturday morning, and we stopped for some yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  If there's one thing my family can do, it's EAT.

The game wasn't until 7 pm, but we had to go early for shopping.  My mom may like the Braves, but she likes shopping way more!  Caleb was our chauffeur for the weekend, and he did a great job for the most part.  His only real mistake was taking us to the wrong mall.

We wanted to go Lenox Square, but he led us to Phipps Plaza.  If any of you shop in Atlanta, you know Phipps is a little bit out of our price range.  Nevertheless, it was great entertainment just to walk through there and observe.  We made it to Lenox eventually and found some great stuff.

Then it was time for the game!  My mom bought my dad this Braves hat...he'll wear anything.

Jordan, Katie, Brittnee, John, Me, and Caleb enjoying the game!

The whole fam!

Jason Heyward!  We kept waiting for him to hit a homerun, but it never happened.  The Braves lost 11-1 (i think), but we still had a great time just being there.  I'm pretty sure we spent 1/2 of our time there eating yummy baseball game food.

Home Depot sponsored a "Tool Run."  It was so cute, and the hammer won!  That poor drill just wiped out, haha!

Here's the best part of all!  Our section was the big winner!  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Each one of us received a FREE rotisserie chicken from Publix!

It's the simple things in free chickens.

It was a fun trip to Atlanta with the fam!  Lots of shopping, eating, and a little baseball!

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