Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We could not have asked for a better 4th of July.  There's no better way to celebrate America than with a new lake house!  My parents closed on a place at Lake Murray last Wednesday, and we all had an absolute blast hanging out there all weekend!

We were all awake by 6 am the first morning there - it was like Christmas morning!

Caleb was on the wake board by about 7 am.  Thank you Nicole and Dusty for driving us around all weekend : )  *we're still boat-less*

Caleb had some technical difficulties getting OUT of the wake board.  His poor little foot was stuck, and it entertained us all for a while.  Thank you, Taylor, for being there to help him with some FootSlick (i think that's what it was called.)  Caleb described the event as pure claustrophobia.

I had many a fall trying to wake surf.  I felt like I was on that Wipeout TV show.

I think this is the ONLY time I was able to let go of the rope.  It's a good thing Caleb can take quick pictures.

John and Britt hanging out on the boat

Nicole and Dusty showed off a little bit!  Actually, this was a new trick for them, and I was in absolute awe.  They were ridiculous, and we were all just amazed!

This is as far as Caleb and I made it trying to "couples surf"

Jordan got a new puppy, Kobe!

Aren't they so sweet?!

Here's everybody on the dock!

I have tons of more pictures, but I will save those for another day!  

For 4 days, we had no TV, no internet, and very little make up.  That made for a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled, outside from sunrise to sunset weekend.  We are going to LOVE this place!  

God Bless America!


Courtney said...

what part of lake murray is the new house? how do you get there by road?

Kathryn said...

it's near Newberry Shores, off Lake Road in Prosperity.

Caroline said...

I am not happy about the non-American-spirit posting! love you!