Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Passport Heads Up

Caleb and I haven't left the country since our honeymoon.  Sad day, Ha!  We have a little trip planned for later this year, and I realized I needed to have my name changed on my passport from my maiden name.  I've learned that anything dealing with passports is a much longer process than expected so I stopped by the post office during lunch yesterday to get it started.

I thought/hoped it would just be a simple *free* change of name form.  Oh, no no no.  Because I waited more than a year for the name change, I had to pay for a whole new passport and re-do all of the forms.

On the bright side, I just happened to show up at the post office for the renewal on the very last day of the current Passport prices.  Did you know the price goes from $75 to $110 effective today?  I missed that memo.  Plus the cost of pictures.  Geez.

So, all you newlyweds, go change your name on your passport ASAP!  Don't wait a year : )


Alyssa said...

Just FYI..doesn't matter when you change your name on your passport..it costs the full amount. I changed mine right away and it costs me $75. Its such a scam!

Kathryn said...

Boo, really? They said at the post office here that it was a freebie within a year. Oh, well : )