Friday, July 23, 2010


I never knew what Home Owner's Association fees were until about a year ago, but I like them now!  Ours cover landscaping for all of the yards in our neighborhood.  It's SO nice to not have to cut our grass, trim shrubs, etc.  Nice, yet not educational.  We're gonna be so lost one day when we actually have to do it ourselves.  That'll be an adventure!

Well, the neighborhood recently switched over to a new company for the landscaping, and they hadn't been trimming our shrubs.  We heard from some of our neighbors that all you have to do is ask for them to start doing it.  

Several of the workers are Spanish-speaking, and the majority of my Spanish language skills consist of counting to ten and saying colors, with the occasional medical terms needed for a delivery.  I tried to scout out an English speaking fellow this morning to ask him to trim our shrubs.  It didn't work.

I walked up to a man wearing a hat and sunglasses with slightly dark skin, rightfully so considering he works in this hot sun day in and day out.  As soon as I walked up and he said "como," I knew it was gonna be bad.  We had a short conversation in which he smiled and nodded a lot.

I can't wait to get home this afternoon and see what happened to our shrubs!


Cameron said...

I hope you come home to scrubs shaped as animals!
love you!

Lacey said...

We gave you hedge trimmers as a wedding gift!