Friday, July 9, 2010


This post may gross you out.

Just seeing this syringe made Sara Margaret nearly throw up and pass out last night, Ha!

Caleb has had these "tonsil stones" for a while now.  They're not present very often, but they are down right annoying when they are.  We never knew what they officially were until we asked our dentist friend Jason at Bible study Wednesday night.  He educated us on tonsil stones, and he told us they are very common.

He also said the only cure is tonsillectomy (no thanks), but they can be removed with a little 10 cc syringe and warm salt water.  Boy, was he right!?

I had so much fun "operating" on Caleb last night, and the stones are now gone bye-bye!

There are tons of "tonsil stones" videos on YouTube if you're curious.

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