Monday, August 30, 2010

The McElroy's Visit

Backyardigans and Wonder Pets:  2 shows I never knew existed before this weekend.  Thank you Garrison and family for introducing us to such awesome entertainment.  As if ya'll aren't enough entertainment yourselves.  We were so excited about spending the weekend with Caleb's sister Erin, her husband Jimbob, and their precious little 2 year old Garrison.
We hung out around the house, ate enchilada ring, and watched a weird boy movie Friday night.  That was all well and good, but the excitement started on Saturday with a trip to the Children's Museum of the Upstate in Greenville.  We all had a blast!  There were so many awesome exhibits from a market, a hospital, plenty of race cars, a TV station, a farm, and so much more!  We were entertained for 4 jam packed hours.  Garrison's little 2 year old brain was stimulated enough for a few weeks, I'm sure!

We landed a space ship,

made paper airplanes,

worked on a construction zone,

built a Roman arch,

milked a cow,

walked all over,

and took lots of pictures!

After the museum, Caleb and Jimbob went for man time to play golf while Erin and I watched cartoons, went to the park, and "napped" with the little dude.  We picked up pizza for supper and looked at pictures from Erin and Jimbob's trip to Hawaii Saturday night.  They only went 3 years ago...better late than never.

We took the McElroy's to our church Sunday morning for an exciting service, followed by lunch at the always yummy Wade's.  We loved having them up for a weekend and can't wait to see them again soon!

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