Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All Done!

We spent some time with our ADORABLE nephews, Ben and Garrison, last weekend.  They are always entertaining, and they did not disappoint.  Ben is 14 months, and maybe I'm a bit biased, but he's got an extensive vocabulary for a 1 year old.  Most of his words/phrases are centered around football including "Touchdown," "throw the ball," and "goooo Dogs!  woof woof woof."  I find it pretty impressive, however, when he tells you that he's "All Done" after eating each meal.  Maybe he jumps the gun a little bit because he's so eager to get down to play, but it's cute nonetheless.

Well, Sunday afternoon, he was taking a little nap in his pack and play, and Mabry and I were watching/listening to him on his monitor.  He sat up and started babbling - the sweetest noise ever!  He would say sweet little words and just make noises until...  "All Done!"  He announced that his nap was over, and we needed to come rescue him from his pack and play.  How smart is he - multiple uses for one cute little phrase.

He and Garrison played so well together, and it's so funny/special to watch them!

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