Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blonde vs. Car

Tuesday just happens to be the one day of the week that Caleb leaves earlier than me for work.  It's my late day, and I love it!  But....this Tuesday happened to be the one day my car didn't crank.

I sorta thought it was my fault because I kinda, well, um, broke the key.  In the switch.  Bad news bears. Caleb was my knight in shining armor as he drove back home from work to take me to work.

We did some experimental tests with the car Tuesday night and used the OTHER key, without the magical "chip."  Well, that magical chip is what allows you to actually crank the car.  We were not aware of that tidbit of information at the time.  Needless to say, our tests failed, and we had no idea why it wouldn't crank.

So here's my car Wednesday morning.

Bye Bye!  To Daddy's shop we go!

Thank goodness he has enough sense to know it was JUST the key.  Once we got the correct key to him (the one with the magical chip), it worked just fine.

Sweet.  So, we're heading to the Lexus dealership tomorrow to get my key fixed.  It's currently rockin' some electrical tape to hold it together.

I know nearly nothing about cars.  Obviously.

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Cameron said...

i love kathryn and caleb stories! i just miss living amongst them day to day! you make me smile!