Friday, October 1, 2010

Heart Update

I finally saw the cardiologist and a new neurologist, and I am hopefully going to get my heart under control.  This post may be incredibly boring so I apologize in advance, but anything health related intrigues me.  Plus I want to make sure I remember these details.

The good news is - I loveeee my new neurologist.  He is SO incredibly nice, compassionate, and intelligent.  He agreed that I should stop my previous preventive medication, and he has started a new one that is much safer and effective, i.e. no more migraines! (I pray he's right).  We decided that if he is right, we're naming our first child after him.  Just kidding (sort of)!  
He spent an hour and a half with me hearing my history and explaining migraines to me in mega detail.  He says they started way back when I was a kid and had motion sickness - aka "abdominal migraine."  Who knew?  He went through all the genetics, science, and medications involving migraines which was good to hear, even if some of it was a repeat.  

I saw the cardiologist earlier this week, and it just happened to be the same one that I saw when I was 16 and had a fainting episode while running in a cross country meet.  This cardiologist now has me wearing another heart monitor, and here comes the bad news.  This one has to be worn for THIRTY DAYS.  Yes, I can remove it to shower, but it makes sleep kinda difficult.  I definitely toss and turn even more than usual - poor Caleb.  But Caleb was excited that the cardiologist told me to add salt to all of my food.  Yum!  I've always been a salt-limiter, but apparently my blood pressure is too low for that.  So bring on the salt!  

That's about all for now.  I'm struggling to find a heart monitor appropriate dress to wear to a wedding this weekend.  Nobody wants to see wires hanging out, ha!

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