Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 Part 1

There's a restaurant on Lake Murray called Spinner's.  We went a few times this summer, and there were always tons of young people there.  We would have such a good time.  So, when John heard about a Halloween  Party at Spinner's, we said sure!  We decided to take the boat over and be pirates (on our pirate ship, duh).  Cheesy, I realize.  Here we are before heading over to Spinner's!  (At this point, we were still excited about the party.)

So, we pull into the parking lot and see about 10-15 cars.  Never a good sign.  The ONLY person I saw walking in was wearing a suit.  NOT a Halloween costume.  Well, we're already dressed up, and we've driven 15 minutes to get there.  So here we go!

It was THE.LAMEST.PARTY.EVER.  There were probably about 30 people there, and the average age was 65.  I'm pretty sure it was a bunch of locals and best friends, plus my family.  We made the most of it!

My friends Cameron and Alyssa agreed to come, too.  Alyssa's husband Matt couldn't make it so Cameron filled in as Super Man!  She never looked in the mirror when getting dressed up because she knew there would be no way she'd walk out the door knowing how ridiculous she looked.  Good idea, Cammy!

This lady won the costume contest.  She had everyone look inside her "treasure CHEST" all night long. Old people humor...gotta love it!

My daddy dressed up as....well, himself.  The "B**** Witch" danced with everybody, and SHE was the hit of the party.

Needless to say, we were the outcasts of this shindig, and we have no intentions of going back to Spinner's once summer is over.  You live, you learn.  We will laugh about this event for quite some time, I'm sure!

Happy Halloween!

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Courtney said...

i am dying laughing imagining all the stares yall got from the "locals"! but, i know yall had a blast regardless of the crowd! there could be no one else there and yall would still have a ball!