Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oahu Day 2

Our 2nd day on Oahu was even better than the first!  We had a delicious breakfast at a restaurant on the beach, and then we went to Diamond Head for a hiking adventure.  Here's a morning shot from our hotel of Diamond Head, the giant crater.

We are such tourists...travel book and all.

There were lots of hikers out that morning.  It was a great day for a hike, in the upper 70s.  I cannot imagine doing all of this in the heat of summer.

Halfway up!

 At the top!  So, it was the day after Green Bay won the Super Bowl.  Everybody we passed thought Caleb's Georgia "G" was for Green Bay.  He got tons of Green Bay cheers chanted at him.  We went with it the whole time.

You could see all of Waikiki from the top.  See the lighthouse?  We went to a beach after our hike just below the lighthouse, when the sun came out bright for us : )

And here's the view of the city from the top of Diamond Head!

We found escargot on the beach...Yum.  Not!

So, Caleb's favorite part of the trip, and it really is pretty cool, was that we stumbled upon the set of Hawaii 5-0.  They were shooting an episode at a house in the ritzy part of town.  The 2 lead actors are at the door of the house, in the gray shirt (man) and green shirt (woman).  We stood with a few other tourists and watched for a while.  Caleb already watched the show a lot, but now we are both fans of the CBS show.

Later, we drove our sweet Lincoln up the Ka Iwi scenic shoreline, along Southeast Oahu.  It was a beautiful day, and we had a blast driving around.  We stopped for lunch at a popular locals place, Keneke's.  Keneke is a born again Christian, and his food was yummy.  And cheap.  Thanks, Fodor!  The valet guys at our hotel were so proud of us for finding this restaurant when we returned with a cup from there.

Here we are at Sandy Beach, aka Break Neck Beach.  The waves were pretty big, and I did not want to let Caleb get in to swim.  But he did anyway.

Here he is riding a wave with his new Hawaiian buddies.  It looked SO fun!  He was a stud!

The water was so clear.  You can see his whole body through it!

The shoreline was filled with breathtaking views such as this one here.

We drove into downtown Honolulu later in the afternoon to see this famous statue.  It's called Kamehameha I Statue, and it's shown at the beginning of each episode of Hawaii 5-0.

We had dinner at Duke's on the beach.  My bread was called "tora" bread, and it was purple!  I nearly freaked out, but our waiter reassured me it was okay.

Our hilu hilu chicken was yum, and we decided this celebration could be our dinner for Caleb's 25th b-day : )

We walked around downtown after dinner and saw the Duke statue.  He was a famous surfer in Hawaii who won gold olympic metals.

It was a super fun day, filled with lots of exploring!  We have loved our time on Oahu!


Melissa said...

It looks like you guys are having the time of your lives! We are so jealous here in Sparkle city - supposed to get snow tonight. Please soak up some rays for us. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

Whitney said...

Kathryn! Kris and I spent 12 days in Kauai on our Honeymoon. There is NO PLACE IN THE WORLD like Hawaii... soak up every minute. You will cherish the memories forever!!

Kathryn said...

Whitney, you're right! Hawaii is our favorite place now! We definitely wanna go back soon to Kauai and the Big Island! I'm so sad our trip is over! Glad ya'll loved it, too : )