Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Weekend

We stayed home this weekend and had so much fun!  We went out to dinner with some friends Friday night, slept in Saturday, and got lots of stuff done around the house Saturday.  I cleaned out all of our closets, and I love how they look so organized now!  Caleb played golf with a friend on Saturday since it was so pretty outside.  I'm having some allergy issues with April so I stayed indoors most of the day cleaning.  Saturdays with no plans are few and far between, and I've learned to love them.

We had some friends over Saturday night and went to a movie together.  We saw The Lincoln Lawyer, and it was really good.  I usually doze in and out during movies, but this one kept my attention the whole time.

We had a great service at church this morning, and then we headed to Buffalo for lunch.  After lunch, we went to a baby shower to celebrate my friend Kacie and her baby girl.  My mom and some of her friends hosted a shower for Kacie, and it was so special to be there.  Kacie and I have been friends since we were born, literally.  We started taking dance together when we were 2, and we played sports together all through high school.  She's such a fun friend!

pretty flowers and yummy desserts

Anna and I with the cute mom-to-be.  Isn't she precious?!

Kacie and her mom

One of the ladies at the shower gave Kacie this blanket, and we all teared up when we heard its story.  Kacie's grandma, who went to Heaven not long ago, made this blanket and gave it to another lady at the church when she had a baby 30 years ago.  How sweet!!!

Kacie got so many awesome things!  I'm pretty sure I filled up her little book with tons of thoughtful gifts.  It was so fun celebrating Kacie and her baby on the way with friends and family from the church.

After the shower, we went back out to the country to watch the end of the Masters.  I only like to watch the last 5 holes so it was perfect timing, HA.  It was a great weekend!

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