Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go Blue Hose!

Maybe it's just because I love fall and everything that goes along with it, but football season is my favorite time of year!  Seeing friends at football games, dusting off the crockpot, wearing jeans, new TV's just great!

We went to PC's first game on Saturday.  It was Caleb's debut as the sideline reporter.  I still haven't been able to hear him (we're suppose to be getting a copy of the show to hear), but he sure did look cute doing it ; )

I found him at halftime to say a quick hello.  The biggest downside to this gig is that I don't get to sit with Caleb at the games.  Luckily, Leanne, Megan, McNeil, and Courtney were there to keep me company.  Thanks, friends!

It ended up being a very close game with Wofford.  It was tied with 50 seconds left, and Wofford scored.  Or so the referees say.  I disagree, but I'm proud of PC for keeping it so close!

We hung out with Caleb's friends after the game at Fox's tailgate.  He was so proud of all of his technology.  What a geek!

PC plays North Greenville at home this Saturday so we'll be back at it again.  Go Blue Hose!

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