Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9 good years

That's how long I've had my current car.  NINE years.  I got it my senior year of high school, back in 2003.  She has had many a nickname.  Space ship, roller skate, Lexi.  I will just refer to her as "my car."  Because that's what she is.  I had her through my last summer before college, 4 years of college, moving to Charleston, PA school, first 3 years of marriage, first job.

The week I got my car back in 2003 I bought a hanging air freshner with a cross on it.  It is still hanging on the rearview mirror to this day.  If you know how I drive, you know why I believe that was a special way of God looking out for me.  He has kept me safe in that car for 9 years of crazy drivin'.

She has survived a few bumps along the way.  The only things I ever hit were non-moving.  That's kind of embarrassing, but it's the truth.  We've had many fun girls nights (and days) driving around in my car, honking the horn, yelling out the sun roof.  It's really a miracle the horn still works.
Caleb and I went on our first date in my car back in 2007.  A tree fell on it at my friend Ashley's wedding reception a few years ago, and she fought through it like a trooper. 

And who could forget the big tire blow out of 09 while driving 80 mph on I-85?  Again, thank you Lord for keeping us safe.  And for sending the stranger in the red shorts to help us.  I'm gonna have to transfer the cross air freshner into the new car for sure!

  Today is my last day with my car.  It's bittersweet.  We've been talking about getting me a new car for a while now, and I kept putting it off.  When you're carrying Caleb's son around in your belly, he wants you in a big ole safe car.  So that's what we're doing.  I am excited about a new car, but I will truly miss "my car."


Courtney Phillips said...

Are you getting a minivan?!?;) ha

Alyssa said...

I am so sad!! I didn't even get to say goodbye! Too many memories. Can't wait to see the new ride next week!

Kathryn said...

Courtney, I seriously wanted a minivan, but we decided there's a 2 kid requirement before that switch can happen, ha. And Alyssa, I know. But believe me, saying goodbye wasn't easy.