Wednesday, April 4, 2012

19 weeks

How Far along? 19 weeks!
Size of the Baby? A Mango, 6.5 inches, 10 ounces!  And he weighed between 10-11 ounces at our ultrasound yesterday.
Maternity Clothes? Um, yes please.  The growing has officially happened, and I am loving maternity clothes.  I can still wear my normal dresses.  They are perfect for work right now.
Gender?  A precious little BOY
Movement?  Yes sir!!!  He is a little wiggle worm.  We watched him wiggle around in action yesterday, and I am feeling him more and more.  It is the most amazing feeling!  I love it!  I feel like he’s doing flips in there.  And sometimes it just feels like he’s waving.  So sweet.  He moves when we talk to him, too.

Sleep? Pretty good.  I had a couple more migraines last weekend so that always impairs the sleep.  I took some Benadryl, and it helped.

Cravings? Ice cream!  Fruit.  Anything cold to drink.  Caleb brought me a milkshake to work the other day, and you would have thought it was a diamond ring.  I had to buy this ice cream on my most recent trip to the grocery store.

Symptoms?  Heartburn, but it really is better with some minor diet changes.  Aka less grease, more ice cream.  Allergies are kinda rough, triggering the migraines.  Praise the Lord for Benadryl, a husband who will rub my head, a good cold wash cloth, and a trash can nearby ; )

What I miss? I hate to say anything, but it is gonna be a little weird not getting out the bikinis this summer.  Or maybe ever again?  I would choose pregnancy and a healthy baby over a flat stomach any day though.

Milestones? Having our anatomy scan!  Everything has developed perfectly!  Praise the Lord!!! 

Weight Gain?  I’ll weigh at my appt. next week.  It’s gonna be bad.  This belly is a’growin.

What I’m nervous about?  All the things we need to get done.  So far, all we have for the baby is a chair.  And a few cute outfits.  And some stuffed animals.  We’re still working on getting his crib here.  And he needs a million other things.  It’ll all come together, right?

What I’m excited about?   Having Good Friday off work!  Mom and I are gonna go shopping so maybe I can check some things off the list.

My 19 week picture is with Erin!  We were able to see all of them last weekend, and it was SO fun!  She's 32 weeks now.  I can't believe we're so close to meeting sweet Wellsleigh.  I'll share more pics from the weekend soon.

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