Thursday, August 30, 2012

our lives have changed

...for the better!

1.  The Mamaroo is now plugged in the bathroom where the hair dryer used to be.

2.  I'm addicted to Lanolin.

3.  When Wilson peed in his sleep sack last night, we didn't know if should laugh or cry.  (We only have one that he fits in right now)

4.  I'm a compulsive worrier.  Wilson thinks knows his mom is a worrier, and he laughs at my insane concerns.

5.  Baby Wils (that's what I call him a lot) has been a part of 2 fantasy football drafts, thanks to his daddy.

6.  His best friend Banks was born TODAY!!!

7.  Premie diapers don't fit a normal size baby.  We had a few someone had given us, and we learned that the hard way last night.

8.  I almost cry every time we waste an ounce of breast milk. (when he doesn't finish a pumped bottle)

9.  I've caved on so many things I said I'd never do...give a paci, hold him all the time, give him a bottle.

10.  Finding appropriate clothes for nursing is hard.  And weird.

And most importantly, I can't get enough of our precious baby boy.  I could cuddle him 24/7.  But I must get at least 2 hours of sleep at night.  I would pay $1,000 for 6 straight hours of sleep right now.  But it's priceless to see Wilson's big blue eyes staring at me during our middle of the night feedings : )

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