Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Day

We drove to Georgia on Christmas Day to visit with the rest of the Massengill's.  I've learned that coordinating holidays with lots of families with kiddos is difficult, but I'm very thankful it worked for us to all be together on Christmas Day!

Caleb's mom cooks a big Christmas dinner for everyone, and it's always delicious.  I love that we TRY to all sit down and eat together, even with babies ranging from 4 months-5 years are running around.  It is quite entertaining.

Wellsleigh is the princess of the group being the only girl.  She's so sweet and is moving all over the place now.  She's almost crawling.

Ben and Garrison helped give out all the stockings.  There were too many to fit on the mantle.  We did stockings and ornaments before dinner, and saved presents for after.  

Garrison helped Wilson open his stocking.  He doesn't know it yet, but he's gonna love those Puffs one day!

Wilson and Gramme time!

Caleb is rockin' the paci clip.  He literally bounced Wilson around for an hour while we all opened presents.  It was getting late, and we knew he wouldn't make it without some bouncing. 

Ben LOVED his spiderman mask and glove.

Wilson loves his new shoes from Aunt Erin.  (He also loves his links from Aunt Mabry, but I somehow did not capture a picture of them.  He's literally obsessed with those things.)

Wellsleigh took a nap during present opening, and she woke up like this.  She'll hate me for this picture one day, but I sure do love her.  We made sure to give her a giant hair bow for Christmas since her Daddy loves them so.

Our best attempt at a family picture Christmas night.  We were all 3 exhausted by this point.

Wilson made it through!  And he loves his first ornament from Gramme.  I love that she gives everybody a meaningful ornament each Christmas.  

So that's it for the Christmas posts.  It was a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food, and making fun memories!  Jesus's Birthday is always such fun.  I hope we make traditions with Wilson each year to help him understand the real meaning of Christmas!

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