Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cogdills Visit

The Cogdills came to town for a visit last weekend, and we had a blast!  Banks and Wilson had a brief visit during our annual "Girls Weekend" a couple months ago, but they hadn't spent much QT together since they were about 5-6 weeks old.  Man, how times have changed.

They actually realized the other one was in the room this time when they re-met on Saturday morning.

Wilson loves little people.  He doesn't get much time around other kids, and he was absolutely fascinated with Banks - his face, his hair, his shoes, his spit-up.

2 babies in the crib!

Banks looks SO short, but he was just slipping down.  Hilarious.  I never thought I'd have the "tall-appearing" kid being 5'2'' myself.

Wake up sleepy heads!

I loved having a little QT with just Banks after morning naps.  Wilson decided to take his ever rare long nap then.

Caleb and Matt played golf on the course where we live on Saturday making it very convenient for a quick hello from the babies.  One day, they'll be out there riding around on the card with their dads.

Then we attempted a mini photo shoot in the back yard.  Mid spit-up for Banksiepoo.

Alyssa's mom made these precious shirts for them.  I am pretty much obsessed with matching.  Wilson will probably hate me for that one day.

There's a park 1.5 miles from our neighborhood, and we tried it out for the first time  Saturday afternoon.  The boys were thrilled.  Can't ya tell?

Wilson ate mulch for lunch.

They loved swinging, but it was so funny watching their little personalities.  Banks just laughed and laughed.  He's one hyper little dude.  And laid back Wilson would give an occasional half grin.  So different yet both so adorable.

Seriously, Wilson?  I'm pushing you so high in the air and laughing like a crazy woman, and that's all I get.  Oh, well : )

Then we moved on to the slide!  Weeeee!

Saturday night, we stayed home and grilled burgers.

Megan, Mcneil, and Baby Patrick (4 weeks from his due date) came over, too!  Here's Megan with all THREE boys.

I was SO excited about bath time together.  Like seriously, I thought it was going to make for the cutest pictures.  Wrong.  Wilson HATED being in the big tub with Banks.  The child has grown quite fond of his rubber ducky tub.

John and Brittnee came over for dinner, too.  They had been just down the road looking at house plans all day, and we were glad they got to come hang out.  The 4 boys went out to play the hole behind our house Saturday night.  For free.  Don't tell ; )

Up next, the Sunday morning farewell to the Cogdill family!


Alyssa said...

Those are some adorable kiddos if I can say so myself! Can't wait until our next visit!

Cameron said...

love it!!! such a fun weekend with the two cutest boys on the block!!