Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Eve

We spent the weekend in Watkinsville with Caleb's parents, sisters, and their families.  It ended up being such a pretty weekend for playing outside which was perfect for the kids.  Unfortunately, Ben was sick so he spent much of Saturday resting.

We had lunch downtown in Athens at Hershel Walker's restaurant, and then the girls went shopping while the boys went home to play with the littles.

We got back in time for some afternoon fun.

Garrison has now started playing baseball!  He's growing up SO fast, and he look so sweet in his Chick-fil-A Phillies hat.

I loved watching Wilson and Wellsleigh play together.

They both like to eat everything!

They were so sweet together, even when feisty Wellsleigh knocked chunky Wilson down while trying to pull up on him.  His little noggin hit the concrete, but he was fine after a few minutes of screaming.  Thanks for helping make him tough, Wellsleigh ; )


I'm ok now, Mom.

They're gonna have so much fun growing up together.

Wilson looks SO fat in this pic, but I just love his sweet smile.

Mommy Erin getting some kisses from Baby Wells.

Garrison and Jimbob had batting practice in the backyard.  Wilson was the catcher until he almost got hit with the ball.  The McElroy babies were out for him on Saturday, haha!  

It was a very fun-filled Easter Eve : )

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