Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 months


You are 10 months old today!  You are developing so much personality.  You are so sweet, and you love attention!  This month (like all months) has been pretty big for you.  You are such a cruiser.  You pull up on anything and everything - doors, drawers, baskets, toys, tables, chairs - and you move to anything you can reach.  You even started walking with a walker.  You had your 2nd haircut this month, and you had your first dentist visit.  You also had your first BEACH trip, and rode a jet ski for the first time.  

You eat whatever we eat now.  Low country boil (the sausage and potatoes), chicken pot pie, regular oatmeal, broccoli, hamburger helper, pancakes, yogurt, strawberries, oranges, mango, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, eggs, grits, cupcakes, ice cream.  You *usually* aren't picky and will eat whatever we put in front of you.  I try to make sure you eat a fruit for breakfast every morning (usually bananas) and a veggie for lunch and/or dinner.  Gigi makes you a grilled cheese for lunch, and you love it!

We are working on weaning the bottle.  You now get 3 8oz. bottles a day.  I try to offer it to you in a sippy cup first, and you will usually drink about half of it that way.  You LOVE ice water in your sippy cup, but you prefer your formula in a bottle.  I'm hoping cold milk is OK in the cup when we let you try it in a couple of months.

You would open and close doors and drawers all day long if we let you.   You discovered the doorstops yesterday, and Gigi said you played with it 100s of times.  We have now started putting covers on the electrical outlets.  We put one cabinet baby proof thingy on the trash can door, and we already hate it.  We might just be letting you get into the cabinets.

You are crazy aware of everything now, which is good and bad.  You are still not good at church nursery.  I apologize every time we drop you off to the kind couples keeping you.  This past week, you ended up in the 18-24 month room we were keeping because you kept crying in your room.  I hope you get over this soon. 

You're very interactive.  You clap ALL THE TIME.  And you wave when you want to.  You talk a lot, when you want to.  You finally said MaMa a few weeks ago, and you actually said "My-Ma-Ma."  It was pretty sweet, even though you probably don't know what you said.  You still squeal a lot, and you grunt sometimes.  I love it when you get excited about something, like when we are coming to pick you up, because you bounce your arms (and your whole body) up and down.  Your laugh is adorable, and you smile a lot.  You love watching people (especially other kids), books, "driving," your golf clubs, emptying containers, and knocking over your blocks.  You cry when I take you out of your bathtub.

We have 110% spoiled you with sleep.  You still are not good at going to sleep by yourself.  You love being rocked.  After the last time you got sick and were teething, we got back in the routine of rocking, and we're paying for it now.  You are still working on teeth 5 and 6, but I still may work on some more crying it out.  The older you get, the harder it gets.  Because now you just love it if I'll stand by your crib and hold your hand till you fall asleep.  It is sweet, and I know I'll miss that when you're 16 and not home till midnight and I'm the one who can't sleep without seeing you in your bed, HA.

All those boring details, and yet, all that really matters is that we love you to pieces!  And we pray daily for you to come to know Jesus at an early age.  Our small group is watching some parenting videos about really changing the HEART of a child with regards to discipline, etc., and it's so helpful.  We hope we can be great parents for you, little buddy!

Proof that you can have an attitude  ; )

And you're off to the toy box!

TEN months!!!  SO crazy!

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Alyssa said...

How is it TWO months away from his first birthday?! I love that boy, give him kisses from me!