Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day!

I am so blessed to have a good Daddy, father-in-law, and now a Baby Daddy!  This year was obviously Caleb's FIRST Father's Day, and Wilson and I tried our best to make it special.

We started the morning off by making him a delicious bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.  Wilson gave his Daddy a new golf shirt and golf shorts (I love matching outfits), a Georgia Bulldog flag, and an awesome t-shirt.  You're gonna be jealous when you see a picture of it in a second.  Then we all went to church together where Caleb won a prize for "Youngest" daddy in attendance.  Yay for Lowe's gift cards.

I told Caleb he could choose whatever he wanted for lunch.  I would cook or go out.  He chose New China.  It's our fave chinese restaurant with yummy lunch buffet.  I think he enjoyed it.  Then we went home for nap time while Caleb and I watched a movie.  We then went to Buffalo for a steak dinner!  You can see our holidays center around meals.

Wilson tried to help Daddy take off the American flag and replace it with the Georgia one.  We still haven't finished this project.

That t-shirt.  I saw it and just had to buy it.  Caleb humored me by wearing it this one time.

These 2 love to look for golf balls in the back yard!

They found 23 of them on Sunday afternoon.  Crazy!  If anybody needs golf balls, let us know.  We have buckets full in our garage.

Wilson got to ride his horse (and the golf cart, and the 4-wheeler) when we went to the country.  I love his face in this pic.

Papa Curt got some special prizes!

My Daddy with all of his babies!  

And here's 3 generations of Massengill men.  Those are 2 good daddies in that picture!

Happy Father's Day to Caleb, Daddy, and Craig!  Love you all and so thankful for being such great dads to me, Caleb, and now grandfathers to Wilson!

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Alyssa said...

That Tshirt is amazing, only caleb would wear that :)