Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 30th, John!

Brittnee threw a surprise 30th birthday party for John at the lake last weekend!  He's a tough one to surprise, and for the most part, we did it.  He finally had an idea what was happening when he pulled in the driveway right behind one of his friends.  Whoops!

We had lots of fun during the day before the party.  Wilson went for his first jet ski ride!

The boys caught some big catfish!

And then...  Wilson went for a tube ride!

I love this boy and his daddy!

Wilson likes riding the boat with his Uncle John!

We went to some boat race.  Apparently, it was THE place to be on Lake Murray.

Little man got tired.

And then it was time to get ready for the party.  Mom worked so hard on John's cake and then splat!  Something got sat on top of it in the fridge.

Britt made some cute decorations.

Caleb took John into town to get a few things while we got ready.  Then he came back to his friends!

Wilson is trying to give this sweet couple baby fever.

Andrew gave John a hula hoop.  That's what everybody needs when they turn 30.  Duh.

And Wilson gave John some men's Depends and denture cream.  He's getting pretty old, ya know...  30.

We had a fun night celebrating my big brother!

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