Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Weekend

We enjoyed a nice weekend at home this weekend.  The weekend sort of starts on Thursday for me since I'm off on Thursdays.  I always try to take Wilson to do something special on Thursdays.  We have an awesome pumpkin patch and apple farm 5 minutes from our house so we met some friends there on Thursday afternoon.  I didn't take the big camera with me because Caleb wasn't there, and I knew it would be enough work to just keep up with Wilson.  We'll go back again soon for some fun fall pictures.  Wilson loved it and had so much fun running around and seeing the animals.  Then we met Caleb for dinner.

So glad Julia brought sweet Sarah and Riley.  And I love that Riley wore her dance tutu.

I worked my 1/2 day on Friday before having a lunch date with Caleb.  Then we went to Sam's.  Wilson's nap time at preschool is 12:30-2:45 so I am working on leaving him there for nap.  It really is nice to have that time for a lunch date and to run errands.

Friday night, my brothers, Brittnee, Anna, and Jon Michael came over for dinner.  We enjoyed hanging out with everybody!

Wilson peed thru his diaper onto Anna's jeans.  He hasn't done that in a while, and I thought it was hilarious it happened to her : )

These 2 love birds are just right for each other.  I think JM fits in rather well with our dysfunctional family.  I approve, Anna : )

Wilson had 3 people bathing and dressing him for bed Friday night, and he LOVED all the attention.

These next 4 pictures might give you nightmares.

Oh, those boys...  watching the Braves!

On Saturday, Wilson actually let us sleep in a little bit!!!  Praise the Lord!  We went to the PC game at Wofford Saturday afternoon.  I was a little worried b/c it was during nap time, but it ended up working out great with a long, late nap!

It was 90 degrees, literally.

I think he looks so cute in his little football jerseys.

One of Caleb's old roommates is a coach, and his 21 month old daughter was there.  Wilson loved playing with Ellis!

I'm thankful Catherine had some sunscreen!

I'm also thankful the boys got us some icees!

SHADE at halftime was clutch!

For his Saturday workout, Wilson pushed Ellis around in his stroller.

Even though PC got destroyed, it was fun watching Wilson watch football.  Better luck next time, Blue Hose!

On Sunday, we went to my parent's house for lunch after church.  Wilson loves playing out in the fields!

Papa Curt took him for a 4-wheeler ride, and we followed them on the golf cart.  I was worried about my boy!

He loved it!

He runs the show down there, and he knows it.

We enjoyed our nice weekend at home, and we're hoping for some cooler fall weather soon!

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