Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wilson 23 Months


These monthly posts are coming to an end, and I can hardly believe it.  You will be TWO YEARS old next month.  These 23 months have flown by, and I have loved watching you go from a teeny tiny newborn who just cries, eats, and poops, to a toddler who runs, jumps, talks, and cuddles.  You are changing so quickly right now!

You talk ALL THE TIME.  You repeat anything and everything, but here's few of your favorites:

Wanna play, Up Mommy/Up Daddy (when you want us to get out of the bed or out of a chair), Mommy's Car/Daddy's Car/Gigi's Car (you know whose is whose), ride lawn mower in the road, ride golf cart, freeze pop, more cake (and really more everything).

Your most frequent phase is:  " I do it!"

Shishies (fish), Ooooooh what's DAT?  (with such excitement when you see something cool), ready to go, where'd daddy go?, all aboard, it's dark - turn light on (when we open the door to the basement)

Your favorite food right now is sausage balls.  You have also been eating broccoli as a current fave veggie.

You are such a ham and so funny.  You love to make us laugh.  When you want to get out of your high chair (which you are really too big for), you say "I wanna see Mommeye."  It works...
You also will close your eyes and say "it's dark!" trying to be funny.  It's kinda cute ; )

You love building forts in the big bed and working puzzles.  You shocked me one day last week when you were all of a sudden putting together all of your puzzles.

We love you more than you know, buddy!  Thanks for being our wild little boy.  We pray for you as you transition into the role of big brother soon!  You're gonna be great!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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