Monday, August 25, 2014

Wilson's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Wilson's 2nd b-day party at the lake house this year.  I'm so glad my parents let us do that as it meant less work for me as far as keeping my house clean, transporting food down to the neighborhood pool, etc.  Not to mention the lake house is one of Wilson's favorite places!  I have about a million pictures so I apologize in advance.

My mom made this fun little sign for the party!

Baby Thomas made his b-day party debut!

I loved how Wilson's cake turned out.

And the cupcakes!  We did a lake/fishing theme.

My mom also made these bobbers - aka red velvet deliciousness.

We set up pools and toys in the back yard and had snack foods, chips and dips, and pizza.

The best part of the party was probably the fact that Papa brought the golf cart to the lake.  He loves riding that golf cart!!!


Papa also brought some cane pools for the kiddies to fish with.

Our friends started to arrive!

Olivia and Wilson love playing together!

Little Sarah's mommy says Sarah has a crush on Wilson ; )


So glad these sweet friends made it to the party!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant, Wilson just turned 2, Banks is almost 2, Alyssa is 23 weeks pregnant, Piper was 1 in July, Cameron should get pregnant again soon ; ), and Lacey is 16 weeks pregnant.

This picture might be my fave from the party.  Put your hands up, Wilson!


And the big boys!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Wilson did not exactly love his smash cake last year so I decided to let him have at it with this one.

Banks loved his cupcake!

So thankful for all these sweet guests!

Oh, Sarah ; )

Water guns with Aunt Jeanie!

Wilson really got into opening presents this year.

It was such a fun day celebrating our wild, two year old little boy!!!  We love you, Wilson!  Thanks for our family and friends for coming all the way to the lake to celebrate!


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