Monday, September 29, 2014

Baby Moon to Charleston

We went to Charleston a couple weeks ago for a baby moon before Wallace's arrival.  We did it a little differently this time with my parents and Wilson coming along.  We had hotel rooms right next to each other which gave us the best of both worlds.  Caleb and I were able to play with Wilson all day doing fun things for him and then go out at night for dinner, shopping, movie, and ice cream while my parents kept him for us.  I think we all had a blast!

We went downtown to do a little shopping on Friday, and we eventually made our way to the water!  It was super windy so these pictures are awful, but we had so much fun playing down there.

We all loved watching the cruise ship depart.

Wilson and his daddy bought me a rose ; )

Wilson and Gigi have a special bond you can't mess with.  He loves how she plays with him!

We had to take a picture in front of the pineapple fountain.  We read about it in Wilson's Good Night Charleston book.

Caleb and I went to dinner, a movie, Barnes and Noble, and frozen yogurt Friday night.  

On Saturday morning, we took Wilson to a neat little park by the bridge in Mt. Pleasant.  He loved it

When I told him we were going to Charleston to the beach, he said "see dolphins!"  I don't know when we have seen dolphins, but he remembers everything.  I thought this dolphin at the park would be it for us, but...

Then we saw a whole family of dolphins swimming!  It was perfect!

Wilson has now learned how to swing in a big boy swing and use legs to go higher.  Go big boy!

And wouldn't you know the kid decides to pose for a picture and say cheese when he's windblown wearing a spider man shirt?  I love it!  

The park was so much fun!  Afterwards, we cleaned up and went to lunch at Red's at Shem Creek.  Wilson loved seeing all the boats.

This are out of order phone pics, but sometimes the phone pictures are more fun than camera ones.  Wilson loved everything about the hotel, especially riding on the luggage cart.

We definitely made a stop at Kaminsky's.

The microwave was so much fun.  He heated up trucks, pens, and everything in between.

And the pool.  Only the really good moms let their kids get in the pool in their clothes when it's a little chilly outside.  Whoops!

One last family picture before leaving the hotel Sunday morning.

He loved every second with his Gigi and Papa!  We are so thankful they were able to come with us and spend so much time with our boy.

Random food picture from Magnolia's on Saturday night.  It was delicious.

My parents went home then, and Caleb and I took Wilson to the aquarium.  That post will be next ; )

I'm so glad we were able to get in one more trip with each other, Wilson, and my parents.  It was so much fun!


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