Tuesday, October 14, 2014

34 Weeks with Wallace!

I can't believe I'll be 34 weeks pregnant this week with Baby Wallace!  This pregnancy is flying by, and we are so excited to meet our baby boy in just a few short weeks.

The latest update with this pregnancy is that I now have to do twice weekly testing for polyhydramnios.  We noticed on one of my ultrasounds that my fluid level is a little high which can indicate all sorts of things.  Luckily, Wallace seems to be drinking, peeing, and growing just fine.  Praise the Lord he's healthy!  So there's no explanation for my (slight) excess of amniotic fluid.  Now I just do NSTs on Mondays (which is easy because I'm already at the office) and BPPs on Thursdays (which means I bring my little buddy Wilson along with me).

Wallace seems to be in a different position every week on ultrasound, probably because he's hanging out in a swimming pool with lots of room for flips.  We can already see that he has some hair which explains my daily need for Tums and Zantac.

I'm still feeling pretty well.  Sleep is getting more difficult.  I wake several times a night to potty, with a charlie horse, or just feeling Wallace move.  I count every movement as a gift, and I love feeling him.  I am having a few contractions here and there but nothing strong and steady thank goodness.  I pray that we make it to at least 37 weeks, and 39 would be perfect : )  I do need to slow down some now that the contractions are starting, but that's easier said than done between work and Wilson.

We are planning for a repeat c-section this time, especially since Wallace's position varies so much.  My prayer now is just for him to stay in my belly and be healthy until at least 37 weeks.  We know that God will take care of both of us whenever delivery time comes.

This picture is from a couple of weeks ago at Sky Top Orchard so it's not the most accurate of my giant belly.  It's the best I have for now though.  I weigh the same thing right now that I weighed when I had Wilson (at 37 weeks) so my belly definitely seems big to me!

Wallace, we are so excited to meet you!  Just stay put for a few more weeks while you continue to grow and develop!  And while we get some stuff ready!  We love you, little buddy!


Cameron said...

can't believe it...time has flown by!! that sweet boy will be making his appearance before we blink

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