Tuesday, November 25, 2014


My heart immediately grew when Wallace came into the world.  I think every mother worries if she could possibly love another tiny human as much as she does that first child.  I know I did.  When we had Wilson, I experienced a love I never knew existed.  And now that we have Wallace, I feel that same love double time!

I pray that Wilson and Wallace will grow to be the best of friends and that God will use them in each other's lives in amazing ways.  I pray that they will look out for one another, love one another, and forgive one another (because let's be honest - they will fight).  I know they don't realize it now, but I truly believe that having a sibling so close in age is a gift from the Lord.

I wasn't sure I wanted Wilson to meet Wallace on Day 1 since I knew I would be having surgery, but I'm so glad he did.  My parents picked him up from school around 3:30 or 4, and he came to the hospital.  They fed him some pizza while he waited in the waiting room because clearly everybody big brother needs some fuel.

I love this picture of him holding my dad's hand.

Wilson was completely oblivious to the whole new baby thing.

I can hardly believe we are a family of FOUR!

He got about 4,000 presents from Baby Wallace, including tons of Paw Patrol trucks from Gigi.

I feel so blessed to have 2 precious sons.

Gramme and Papa with the 2 Massengill boys!

Gigi and Papa with 2 of their 2 grandsons!

The meeting of the bros went as well as could be expected.  Wilson basically opened gifts and posed for a few pictures, never paying much attention to his little brother.  I feel sure that with time they will both become aware of one another ; )


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