Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014 Activities

I have always loved Christmas and taken advantage of every possible Christmas activity there was.  My parents always made it super special for us growing up, and I hope we can do the same.  Now that Caleb and I have kiddos, I really want to make it special for them.  I knew it would be a little bit difficult this year having had a c-section a few weeks before and having a newborn.  Not to mention the flu is all over Spartanburg, and I didn't want to be out and about too much.  But, I think we did a pretty good job of making special memories with Wilson and Wallace without over-doing it.

Caleb and I took Wilson to Disney on Ice in Greenville one night while Gigi kept Wallace.

He was a little nervous and clingy at first, but he was dancing by the end.

We always get suckered into buying the $12 icee...

We made a gingerbread house one night.  Wallace hung out on the sofa while we built ; )

It was a complete disaster.  Now we know we should build it FIRST before Wilson is even aware of it.  He can just come in at the end and add the candy.

We had fun though ; )

Caleb got really into outside Christmas decorations this year.  It ended up looking great, but a friend and I (who also has 2 small kids) joked that it was the daddy's way of getting out of the house for a little while.  Either way, Wilson was obsessed with the ladder.

In the midst of Christmas chaos, Wallace had his first bath.  He did NOT enjoy that first bath, but he has loved every single one since.

Tada!  I loved having so many lights.  We ended up adding lights to the garland around the front door, too.

I loved dressing Wilson in his Christmas outfits for school.  This one was one of my faves, a hand me down from Ben.

We went to Roper Mountain Lights one night.  Wallace slept thru it all, and Wilson enjoyed it.  We may have gone to Krispy Kreme after ; )

And one night Wallace had his own little Christmas photo shoot.  This hat cracked me up.

I love a baby in a stocking!

December was a fun, busy month.  There's lots more to come!


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