Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wilson 2 1/2


You are 2 1/2 years old today!  There are days when you seem to be in the TERRIFIC TWOs, and there are days when it's the TERRIBLE TWOs.  I love you more and more each day, and I am constantly amazed at the development of your personality and your knowledge.  We have legit adult style conversations.  You bring me so much joy, and I could truly sit around and laugh at you all day long.  Sometimes I have to be the adult and not laugh at you when you're misbehaving, but it's hard.  

You are a pretty good eater for a 2 year old.  You definitely have your favorites - chicken nuggets and french fries, pizza, bananas, yogurt, strawberries, grapes, apples, crackers, chips, macaroni and cheese, green beans - but you'll usually eat whatever we are eating.  Tonight we had hamburger helper (whole grain with lean beef and added broccoli - to make myself feel better about it ha), and you ate it just fine.  We occasionally have to pick out the veggies because if you see something green coming at you, it's a fight.  You LOVE drinking water out of your straw sippy cups, and you love milk.  But it's not milk to you.  It's "Bup."  And you have loved it in your doggone turtle cup up until recently.  We still have the beloved turtle cup, but you're pretty much over it.

Sleeping is not your strong suit.  You still fight us for naps, and we have to lay down with you to get you to sleep.  Naps are from roughly 1-3 pm.  They say you nap well at school on your nap mat, but you often require holding hands with Mrs. Gans or Miss Kathryn.  Night time sleep is interesting, too.  Daddy or I lay down with you until you fall asleep which sometimes takes 5-10 minutes, but it can take up to an hour.  You go to bed around 8 pm.  We have struggled a lot with how to handle this situation, and for now, we are continuing to lay with you.  It truly is a sweet, sweet time to be alone with you reading books, talking about your day, and cuddling.  You like having us there, and even though it is time consuming, we love it too.  At some point during the night, you come to our bed.  It is sometimes 1 am, but you have made it till 6 am in your "big boy bed."  We fought that for a little while too, but as long as you go back to sleep in our bed, it's all good.  One day we will miss your sweet self in our bed.  You are definitely a cuddler.  

You go to First Baptist 3 days a week, MWF.  Gigi keeps you and Wallace on Tuesdays, and I'm home with you on Thursdays.

I have loved watching you become a big brother.  You love Wallace, and you enjoy bringing him his paci, a burp cloth, the boppy, or anything else I ask.  You always ask to "pet him," and you'll gently rub on his lil' head.  You have tried to pick him up out of the mamaroo, but we're not quite ready for that ; )  You enjoy riding with him in the double stroller!

You are quite the talker, and you have some Wilson phrases that we hear over and over...

"What's that make noise?" Anytime you hear something new.  "That tickles" anytime something touches your skin.

"Hold Mommy's haaaannnddd." When you wanna snuggle.  You're also saying "Don't weave me, Mommy" when you know we're about to go somewhere.

You are very good at saying please.  Thank you has to be reminded a lot ; )  You do a great job of saying "May I" such as "may I have a cookie?"  I think they taught you that at school.

A few weeks ago, Daddy put on his red puffy vest to go somewhere, and you asked "Are we going to ride in the boat?"   You though it was a life jacket.  We're ready for a lake trip too, bud.

You always offer us whatever you're eating by saying "Mommy want some?" or "Daddy want some?"  Such a giver ; )

"Where'd this come from?"  We hear this one a lot.  Mr. Inquisitive.

"Hitball" = football

"I want the better ones."  Everything has to be better.  If you don't like the flavor yogurt I chose, you want the better one.  Same thing with books.  If I tell you something is the "better" one, you'll take it.  

Daddy came up with the ole "Pirates are coming!  Hurry!"  You love playing chase from the imaginary pirates, and it helps us when we need to motivate you to hurry it up.

I let you take a shower with me sometimes, and you call it rain.  You like playing in the rain sometimes, but you really like playing with your toys in the bath tub.

Since Christmas, you become obsessed with the Toy Story 3 movie, and you often request "Buzz Whiteyear."

You also finally got attached to something.  (You never liked a lovie or blankie.)  It's Jingle.  This Hallmark stuffed animal Gigi gave you.  Oh, Jingle!

You are into pretend play, and you love to imitate things you see like building and "going to work."

You wear a size 5 diaper and will occasionally pee pee in the potty.  You pooped in the potty once at school.  You wear size 7-8 in shoes and size 3t clothes for the most part.

I know you're mine, and I'm biased, but I think you're super smart.  I  bought you these learning toys on Amazon b/c I wasn't sure if you knew how to sort based on shape and color, and you dominated those toys as soon as they arrived.  You can sing your ABCs, count to 13 or so, identify all common shapes and colors (when you want to), and sing any popular kid song on demand.  My favorite is your very loud version of "Jesus Loves Me!"

I can't thank God enough for giving us you.  You are His child first and foremost, and I pray we honor that.  I also pray for your salvation daily, your friendships, and your future wife.  I pray that we raise you to be a boy and eventually a man who is loyal to his friends, giving, honest, loving, and true.  We love you, Wilson!  Thanks for being the funny, cuddly, wild, homebody toddler that you are.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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