Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random 2015s

2015 is flying by.  I guess that's what 2 kids will do to ya.  Each of these events deserves its own post, but that's not gonna happen.  So here's a summary of January and February.

My parents cooked a yummy steak dinner for Caleb's 29th birthday.  We also went out to dinner with some friends at Bin 112 in downtown Greer one night.  Happy Birthday to my, boo!

These pictures are from the bday dinner.

These 2 boys dressed alike for "school" Valentine's parties.  I love them so, so much!  

I love the big ole open mouth smiles!

My 3 little loves each brought me a rose on Valentine's Day.  It comes at no surprise that Wilson's was torn into pieces and on the floor.  That kid wears me out!

Caleb and I had a date night out to Tinis and Tapas.  Thanks, mom and dad, for keeping the kiddos!

It snowed on one of our Tuesdays with Gigi.  I'm pretty sure I had a migraine that same day and ended up being at home with them for the morning.

Little snow bunny!

It snowed again.  And again this year.  We had plenty of snow for this girl ; )  But we had tons of fun playing in it.  Caleb is dad of the year for building this snowman with Wilson.  We went sledding with some of our neighbors and had a blast, too!

John and Britt arranged to have some live bunnies in their yard for us to take Easter pictures with.  Wilson and Wallace thought they were awesome.

3 sweet boy cousins!
Thomas 8 months, Wilson 2.5 years, Wallace 4 months

We are loving our crazy, fun filled, busy life with 2 boys!


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