Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gregory Beach Vacay 2015

We always look forward to our beach trip every summer.  Things have definitely changed a lot since kids came along.  We crashed after arriving on Sunday and stayed in.  We did manage to snap a pic of these matching cousins.  Caleb and I took our boys up to Murrels Inlet on our way in to meet my friend Maggie's twins boy.  They are precious and such an answer to prayer.

Our routine was usually to head to the pool after Wallace's morning nap.  It's definitely tough with 2 kids who still need their naps, but it really was still very enjoyable.  

The beloved wagon is staple for our beach trips.

That boy would spend all day on the beach with his truck if we'd let him.

How many grown men does it take to put up an umbrella?  The umbrella ended up being messed up a little bit so we had very limited shade.  It was just enough for me to hold Wallace under when we got tired and needed a lil beach nap.

I sure do loves these sweet boys.  This beach trip was a week or 2 before all the shark attacks were reported.

Baby's first beach trip!

Being mommas to these boys is wild!

We went to Bibi and Dan's house Monday night for a delicious dinner!

These boys love their Gigi and Papa!

I have lots of great memories from their house on the intercostal waterway, and I'm glad my boys are getting to make memories there, too.

Thanks, Bibi, for feeding us!

It was a Happy Memorial Day at the beach!


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