Saturday, July 25, 2015

Massengill Beach Vacay 2015

We had a wonderful week in Ocean Isle with the whole Massengill clan back in June.  It was super hot so having a pool and ocean near by was jackpot.  It also happened to be the same week that sharks decided to start attacking like crazy along the NC and SC beaches.  I was very hesitant to get in the ocean, but Caleb braved it a few times.  We are thankful for a week away with all the cousins together.  It can definitely be tough altogether in one house, especially this year as we had 2 little ones in one room trying to nap and have bedtimes together.  I'm learning to just roll with it and enjoy it all!

Wilson enjoyed spending time in the driveway riding the other kid's bikes.

Wallace was a HIT with his big cousins.

Well sleigh would hold him all day long.

We celebrated Father's Day while there.  These dads all got some new Yeti koozies.

The wagon - a staple for the family beach trips.

Caleb gets his workout in while pulling these little rascals.

Dear Wallace, I could eat you up with a spoon.

You, however, would rather eat the sand.  With your lil' baby hands.

Baby legs make me so happy.  

Wilson loved playing in the sand.  He just loved the beach in general really.

The go pod came in handy.

Wallace got some pretty good naps on the beach.  

Watch out for the sharks!

Cousins Amelia and Quinn

We did a lot go digging in the sand!

Beach days are the best days.


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