Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wallace 8 Months

Happy 8 Months, Baby Wallace!  I could eat you up with a spoon.  You are the easiest, happiest, sweetest baby ever!  I can never thank the Lord enough for giving us YOU.

So, I was planning to say that I expected you to be crawling soon because you had been getting up on all 4's.  But it happened!  You're officially crawling.  We're so proud of you but also so scared at the same time.  2 mobile kiddos!  You are still pretty slow, but you can definitely do it.  You have also started waving.  It's so stinking sweet.

You have started to get sad if we take a toy away from you.  You LOVE toys, especially this silly hat daddy won from work, any truck, and your teether.

You are always happy!  Really!  You may cry for a minute when sleepy, but that's it.  You now have 7 teeth.  You're a teething machine.  You love playing in the bath tub or pool.  Water is your friend.

You also began self feeding this month.  We started with Puffs and bananas, and we are moving to other things now.  You love feeding yourself, and you do a great job.

You LOVE your mommy, and I'm so glad you do.  Because the feeling is mutual, my little buddy.  You light up when I pick you up in the mornings from your crib and from school.  You do love your teachers there, too - Mrs Juliane, Kelly, and Suzanne.  

You continue to be a great sleeper.  You love to sleep on your stomach!  In your sleep sack.  You love "Lamby," this stuffed lamb that plays "Jesus loves me."  My mom gave it to you when you were born.

I love how you hold my hand white nursing/drinking a bottle.  You are now officially on all formula.  I was definitely more hesitant to stop nursing this time, but it was time.  You don't even love a bottle. You prefer food.  It was a sweet 7.5 months of breastfeeding with you, but now I can enjoy extra cuddles after feeding you your bottles.  Weaning was a slow, easy process.  You now love your table food and sippy cups.

We love you to the moon and back!!!  Praying we cherish every second with your sweet little self and that we are the parents you need us to be.  

Mommy and Daddy


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