Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wilson is 3


3 years ago (tomorrow), you made me a mommy.  These 3 years have been the sweetest, busiest of my life.  You are the happiest, cuddliest little boy ever.  In some ways, I miss the baby days with you, but I also love seeing you grow up and develop your wonderful personality.

I want to remember some of your favorites at this age: 

Food – chicken nuggets and French fries, broccoli, fruit
Color – green
Toys – trucks of any kind, especially monster trucks
TV Show – Blaze, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Movie – “Buzz Lightyear” and Lego movie
Animal – Dogs (You LOVE dogs!!!)
Song – Peter, James, and John in a sailboat, Jingle Bells, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me *You sing all the time, and you love music!

You have had a big year this year.  You become a big brother to sweet Wallace.  You love him so much, and he absolutely adores you.  He cackles at anything silly you do.  I could not ask for a better relationship between siblings.  We definitely had an adjustment period, but you did so great with it.  You love picking Wallace up from church nursery or when we come in to get you at school.

You also learned how to use the potty.  I absolutely hated potty training.  I tried to around Christmas, but you weren’t ready.  So we tried again in May, and you did great.  It was exhausting at times carrying you to the potty every 10 minutes while nursing baby brother, but we did it.  It took a couple of weeks for you to get the hang of it really well, and you still had accidents on occasion.  Pooping took a while (like 2 months), but dare I say it, you finally tell us you need to go and will poop in the potty!  We are so very proud of you!  Just a few months ago, you went threw a flushing phase in which you flushed all sorts of things down the potty.  Now, praise the Lord, you flush pee and poop!

You still love to cuddle, and one of us lays down with you until you fall asleep.  You rub our fingers or hold our hands while you settle down.  It’s so sweet.  You have matured so much over the past few months, and you have been really shy at times.  I honestly think potty training, especially at school, made you quite shy.  It broke my heart to see you upset about accidents there, but I’m praying we are almost through that.

Some Wilson-isms
“Let’s do it!”  when you’re excited about whatever we are about to do
“Hast” = Fast
“Hix it” = Fix it
“Tootey” = Cookie
“Thatch it” = Catch it
“Spa Boogeys” = Strawberries
“Tiss” = Kiss – You love giving “a hug and a tiss”
“Attention Attention” – from Papa’s famous  “this is not a drill!” episode at myrtle beach several years ago (long story!)
“Who’s coming today?” – Can you tell we have people show up all the time?  You prefer when it’s Jordan or Gigi coming through the door.
“Let’s try dis again!” – You’re a determined little guy.
“But Daddy said I could watch it” – among other things “Daddy says” you can do.  You’ve learned that little trick early, my friend.
“I want this truck to eat with me” – You like to bring a toy to the table for meals and to bed for sleep
“By mysellllfffff” – Mr. Independent.  In a country accent ; )
“The pirates are coming, Hide under the covers!!” – That’s your current favorite game.  It could also be a “monster” coming.  Daddy and I take turns being the monster.
"Bup" is still Milk.  Don't make you "milk,"  It better be "bup."
"Siwwy" - silly Which you are - so silly!

You can say your full name, age, and that you’re a boy.  You’re really into boy vs girl things.  You can count to ten in Spanish and to 20 in English.    You love to dress yourself and pick out your own clothes.  You prefer “better pants” which means athletic shorts and fun t-shirts.

You currently go to First Baptist Spartanburg 3.5 days a week while I work.  You enjoy your friends and will usually tell me about your day.

You've gotten such a big imagination this month, and I love watching you use it while playing.  You definitely like for one of us to be with you at all times, and the ole "I Neeeeeed you, Mommy" gets me every time.  You love music, and I think you have a knack for it.  Maybe we should let you play an instrument some day.  You don't like change.  You love a routine.  You're timid with new things.

You truly fill our lives with joy, Wilson!  I can never thank God enough for allowing us to be your parents.  Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing to us.  My prayer is for you to come to know the Lord at an early age and to always seek Him.  I love hearing about Bible stories you learned at school, and I pray your heart is all for Him.

We love you to pieces!  Happy 3rd Birthday, Wilson!
Love, Mommy and Daddy


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