Monday, October 19, 2015

Wallace 11 Months

My sweet baby Wallace,

11 months.  It is flying by!  I love, love, love you so, so much.  You are truly the happiest, most easy going baby in the world.  I say it all the time, but you are the perfect addition to our little family.  I can't imagine life without you in it.  You roll with whatever we are doing, whether it's a trip to the fair, big brother's evening soccer game, or a long road trip.  

Thank you for being such a joy - even when you're teething.  You still only have your 7 teeth, but I can see your 4th bottom one coming in, and your back gums are swollen.  You do have a touch of separation anxiety, but you recover pretty quickly when we drop you off at church nursery.

You laugh at silly stuff, especially Wilson.  Ya'll LOVE each other.  You also love holding your lovies!

You have been cruising around the house on anything and everything and walking with our hands all day long.  You are now even standing alone for a few seconds at a time AND...

You took your first 3 steps on October 13!!!!!  You have taken a step or 2 here or there since then, but cruising and crawling is still your method of transportation.

Oh, this little face.  You are one busy, climbing, baby boy.  You LOVE when we chase you around, and you are super playful.  You giggle and go really fast when I crawl after you, looking back to make sure I'm still coming.  It's our fave game ; )

After your bath at night, Wilson comes in to give you "a hug and a tiss" while you drink your bottle.  It's precious and the sweetest 17 seconds of my day.

You eat nothing but table food now, with an occasional squeezie.  You love fresh fruits and veggies, but you'll eat most anything, at least a few bites.  You also loved Papa Curt's chicken and dumplings.  I have a sweet little video of you gobbling them up!

You love pointing, waving, clapping, making noise with toys, and babbling "mama," "dada," and a couple of other things.

Please stay little!!  Thank you, Lord, for this puh-recious little pumpkin!!!!  We love you to pieces, Wallace!


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