Friday, November 6, 2015

PC Homecoming 2015

We love going to PC Homecoming every year.  PC is a place very dear to Caleb and me as that's where we met and the school that brought us together.  It's so fun at the game now because all of our babies get to play together.  The weather this year was perfection, and the kids had a blast playing while we all ate and chatted.

Wilson 3, Carter 2, Hyatt 3, Patrick 2, Wallace 10 m, Piper 2, Hyatt 7?, McCoy 6m, Walker 9m, Banks 3

A friend, Leanne, came me this jersey at a baby shower for Wilson, and I love having a 2nd baby boy to wear it now.

Bringing Wilson's dump truck was a genius idea!

One day our boys will realize how special this place is to us.

The Cogdill and Massengill boys - best friends forever.  Because who else will hang out with us and these 2 wild boys?!

I'm so thankful for these friendships.

Happy go lucky Wallace had a blast.


The guys - Will, McNeil, Matt, J, Caleb

Wilson thought it would be a good idea to carry around a fraternity flag...

We also got to meet sweet baby Merritt and catch up with her parents!  Glad they're moving back to SC!

The boys enjoyed seeing Scotty!

While standing inside the stadium talking with some of Caleb's friends, Wallace just fell fast asleep in my arms.  So sweet!

We also ran some fellow cheerleaders - Justine and Gail, and Gail's sweet Maisy.

Go Blue Hose!


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