Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wallace's 1st Birthday Party

We had a pumpkin party for our little pumpkin at our house on the Saturday morning before his actual b-day.  I still can't believe our baby boy is already ONE.  It has been a fast, wild year!

Uncle Jordan and Rachel just thought they were dodging the camera.  My kids love when they come over to visit.

Papa made the gravy for the party, and it was a hit.

Our sweet neighbors came over and enjoyed breakfast with us.

Sweet friends Sara Margaret and Amanda came with their precious ones.

Poor 2nd child was supposed to have a party hat from my BFF alyssa, but she ended up not being able to make it last minute.  Luckily, he didn't miss it.

We had all different flavors of coffee.

Twin Baby Graham was not feeling the party food.

Papa Craig and Uncle Jimbob eating some breakfast casserole and cheese danish.

Wilson and his buds played in his room.

Papa and Gigi with the birthday boy!

We love you, Wallace!

Amanda is super mom.

Gramme and Papa love baby Wa!

I loved his little banner.  Fall decorations are some of my faves!

Sweet Olivia and Nealy

We attempted a family pic.  I sure do love these little pumpkins, and their daddy pumpkin.

Happy Birthday to you!

He was so excited about his pumpkin smash cake!

Yummy!!!  He dug right in - total opposite of Wilson at his first.

Have a bite, Thomas!

Wilson found the "tuptates!"

Present time!

We had lots of helpers!

This little cow finger puppet book was probably his favorite thing.  Such a sweet moment!

Chocolate covered pumpkins as favors

A sweet lady who works at the boy's school, Mrs. Gaile, made the cupcakes and smash cake.  She did so good, and it all tasted delicious!  We set up the sweets in the dining room.

We served breakfast food, and it was all so yummy!  Thanks Mom, Dad, and Marcia for helping make food!

Wallace really had so much fun and seemed to feel the love.  We are beyond thankful for our family and friends who came out to celebrate with us!


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