Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wallace 18 Months


You turned 18 months old a few days ago.  You have changed so much over the past few months.  You have become such a sweet, silly toddler, and I can't imagine life without you.  You amaze us every day with new words and phrases.  Your smile melts our hearts constantly.  Now don't get me wrong - you wear us out!  It's a true blessing that you take such good naps (12:30-3) and sleep so well at night (8-8).  You definitely need it after all the energy you exert during the day ; )

You are a pretty good eater.  You definitely have a sweet tooth, and you favor carbs over anything else.  You love cheese toast, yogurt, any pasta dish - especially lasagna, grapes, blueberries, bananas, scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, and ice cream sandwiches!  And freeze pops - "pops" as you call them.

You're obsessed with bubbles.  You ask for bubbles all the time, and you insist on holding the container yourself.  You love being outside, riding the Gator with Wilson, and playing rough.  

You've learned several body parts - eyes, nose, hair, mouth, ears, legs, knee, arms, elbows, belly button.  You also know several animal noises - pig, cow, duck, dog, cat, and monkey.

You have so many words, but I'll try to list a few.  You repeat anything we say.

Anudda Un - another one
Pease - please
Danku - thank you
Toast, Bubbles, book, duck, blocks, snack, net, ball, pop, icee (at target), bahhhh (bottle), Mmm's (m and m's), hot, cold, Uh Huh (yes)
You've even said a few phrases - "I wanna play" and "I need a ball"

I have caught you brushing your teeth IN wilson's sink.  You're quite the climber.  You always ask for a "hand" when stepping down the steps to go outside.  It's so precious!

18 Month Stats:

Weight: 24 lbs, 9.5 oz (57%)
Height:  32.5 inches (53%)
Head Circumference:  48 cm (65%)

You are a healthy, happy bundle of joy, and we truly praise the Lord for that!  I can't wait to see you become a big brother very soon.  We pray for a smooth transition for you.  We love you to pieces!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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