Saturday, June 25, 2016

Moving to Woodridge

We moved into our new home in mid March.  Moving while pregnant and with 2 small children was no small feat, and hiring a moving company was the best decision we've ever made.  That - plus allowing both boys to go home with my mom the night we moved in after she so graciously offered to take them.

Our first family meal in the new house - pizza outside!

First breakfast in the new house - Froot loops in a mug.

Marcia drove up early Saturday morning and literally unpacked our entire kitchen.  So thankful!  Also, Jeanie and Anna came over and unpacked the dining room/organized the laundry room.  We are so glad to have such great help from my family.  My parents had Wilson and Wallace the whole day!!

2 men trying to put together a baby gate...

It was the week before Easter so we had to get a pic of our little bunnies in their new house.

Matching PJ's for the first night (for them) in the new house!

Praying this house can be our forever home!

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