Sunday, July 17, 2016

Easter Lunch at our new house

If there's one thing my family is good at, it's getting together to eat a big meal on the holidays.  We had literally been in our house for about 3 weeks when Easter came around, and they asked if we would host.  Of course, we agreed, especially when my amazing mom and aunts do all the cooking.  We just provide the house!

The boys were excited to find these little baskets on Easter morning.  We did it pretty simple - new sippy cups, toothbrushes, socks, a little candy. 

And new swim clothes!

We went to my Uncle Sonny's church for worship that morning before everyone came back to our house for lunch.

My mom made this cake for Wilson, and he ate about 5 pieces of it.

It was a yucky day weather wise, rainy and wet, so we had an indoor Easter egg hunt.

The eggs I hid were empty, but my mom had money in hers...  Of course.

Happy Easter from the Blackwood family!

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