Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wilson's 4th Birthday Party

We had Wilson's birthday party a few weeks early this year since we knew Baby Woods would be arriving just a few days before his actual birthday.

The night before the party, my parents, Jordan, and Rachel came over for dinner and to help us get some stuff set up for the party.

Uncle Jordan gave him the most awesome gift - a slip and slide with sprinklers!

They loved it, and we loved using it at the party!  Great timing for a great gift.

Little rudder was pretty pumped about the cupcakes.

Wilson wanted a pool party, and that's what he got.  So many friends from school came over to celebrate with our big boy.  He was attached to his daddy in the pool : )

The presents/drinks/freezie pop table!

Brave Wilson even jumped off the diving board at this party - with a little push from his mommy ; )

We served pizza and chips for lunch - Wilson's fave foods.

Cake and singing time!

Beach Ball Cake!

Cupcakes for the win!

It was super hot but super fun.  Wilson LOVED opening presents.

By the end of the party, Wilson was DONE.  This trash truck was his favorite gift, and all he wanted to do was go inside by himself and play with it.  We've decided that it's not his style to have a million friends over for a prolonged period of time.  Poor little guy.

We can't believe you're almost FOUR, Wilson.  We loved celebrating you with an awesome pool party!!

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