Friday, September 16, 2016

Baby Woods,
You are one month old! We did take these pictures on your actual 1 month b-day last week.

It has been a busy month for us as a family, and luckily, you've just rolled with it all.  Our A/C went out (AGAIN!), dryer broke, cars had to be repaired.  All on top of caring for a sweet newborn baby, toddler, and a 4 year old.

You were born with a little baby acne on your nose, and it's still there.  Around 4 weeks, you also developed some more acne on your cheeks.  You get that from your daddy - he had some rough teenage years ; )

You are a great nurser.  You've done super with breastfeeding.  We've had a few rough nights which may be due to some gas/tummy troubles for you, but overall you do great.  I had garlic one night when it was really bad so I'm trying to avoid that.

You LOVE being held and laying on my chest.  It's really sweet!  You also love the chaos of your brothers, and your bath time calms you down so well.

You do NOT like your car seat, and that's a pretty major problem.  We're gonna pray that improves since we are on the go a LOT.

You like, but don't love, your paci.  Your hair has been growing, but it's definitely the least amount of hair of our babies.  It's blonde now, and you have precious blue eyes!

You've only had 1 bottle this month, and we're gonna need to work on that.

Woods, we are so incredibly thankful for you and your sweet little nature.  Praise the Lord that you can sleep through your brother's chaos in the daytime.  We moved you to your crib right at 4 weeks for nighttime sleep, and you've done pretty well with it.  You have your wombie swaddle and still like to eat every 2-3 hours every night.

We love you, little buddy!!!  Happy 1 MONTH!

1 Month stats:
Height: 22.25 inches 75%
Weight 11 lb 3.5 oz 77%
Head Circumference 37.5 cm 49%

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