Monday, September 12, 2016

Woods comes HOME!

We stayed in the hospital 2 nights and were ready to get home!  He had an easy hospital stay.  The only issue was that he had to have his glucose levels checked because he was so big, but they were normal.  Praise the Lord for a healthy baby!

Dr. Giep came by to check on us before we went home.

Gigi got some snuggles in after taking the big boys to school that next day.  They had a sleepover in the country with her and Papa!

They came back again at the 2nd day and were much more interested in Baby Woods.  Gramme and Papa took them home to spend the night at our house that night.

Daddy cuddles!

And now we're headed home.  Linda is my fave lactation consultant.  We've become buds with our recent and frequent deliveries ; )

It was a muggy, rainy day to go home.  At least we didn't miss any nice weather while in the hospital.

Woods pretty much hated his car seat, but luckily he settled down halfway home.

We were starving and grabbed food at McDonald's on our way home.  I was determined (and stupid) to not take any pain meds so I was incredibly sore when this picture was taken.  But...welcome home, Woods!

Wilson heard us get home and was excited to see us back at his house!

His birthday was the next day so he was spoiled with some new toys!

Anna came by to meet Baby Woods later that day.

We are incredibly grateful for all the help we received as we transitioned to a family of FIVE!

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