Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Life with 3 Littles

Our days (and nights) are crazy right now.  I really don't remember what we did before having 3 tiny kids.  It seems like 2 would be SO easy now ; )  Let me document that my mom, the boy's Gigi, has helped us keep the family running.  She has taken the big boys for sleepovers with her and Papa, cooked literally almost every meal we've eaten, folded a bazillion loads of laundry, and given cuddles and prizes to all 3 boys.  I hope and pray I can be half the grandmother and mother she has been to us.

Wallace LOVES "baby woods" so much.  He tells me "Woods needs his paci" any time he whimpers, and he rushes to find out.  So sweet!  Unfortunately, Woods does not like said paci.

Wilson is actually super helpful with him.  He loves making Woods smile, and he will bring me anything I ask him to.

Hooray for Gigi!!

We went out to dinner with my extended Blackwood family when Woods was like a week old.  They all came over to our house afterwards for dessert.  Aunt Bibi got to snuggle him!

Uncle Sonny and Aunt Linda

The Blackwood sibs - we celebrated Sonny's 70th bday and Bibi and Dan's anniversary.

Papa!  These boys love them some Pah-Pah!

The Massengill crew came up to meet Baby Woods one Saturday.  It was a fun visit!  Aunt Erin, the baby whisperer!

Wellsleigh loves to hold a baby, too!

Laurel - I have no words ; )

Wild and crazy cousins!

Caleb and I had our first date night when Woods was 2 weeks old.  We had a wedding for a friend.

My parents survived keeping all 3, and Woods took a bottle!

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