Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

It's Caleb's birthday weekend!  We've had so much fun celebrating!  For starters, I ordered him a cake from Publix...he loves their cakes!  Makes for easy baking for me.'s always fun to open presents.  I always give him a calender with pictures from the past year, and he got that one a little early.  His real present was an overcoat, and he's still deciding about it.  It's a pretty grown up coat, but I think it would be good for this cold weather we've been having.  

After present time, we met my parents, John, and Britt at Shogun for some yummy Japanese.  We all came back to our house for homemade red velvet cake after dinner.  I thought about lying and saying I made the red velvet cake, but I'm gonna be honest.  My mom made it.  And it was delicious! 

2 birthday cakes...totally normal, right?  Caleb loves cake!

Caleb's parents came up for the weekend to celebrate his birthday, too.  We all hung out Friday night and woke up to SNOW (well, ice) this morning.

We braved the roads and headed to downtown Greenville.  We had lunch at Smoke on the Water.  We sat by the window and enjoyed watching people slip on the ice.  Mean, yet entertaining.  Don't worry, no one was injured.  We later went to my parent's house for dinner and sledding.  Our sledding is a bit "redneck."  A 4-wheeler, a rope, ice, and a cheap sled.  Don't judge.

John getting ready...

My turn...being pulled by the birthday boy!!!

Brittnee crashing

We had a few close calls, and our poor parents all just had to watch.  Good times.  We've had so much fun with Caleb's birthday, and it's not over yet : )  Happy  Birthday, Caleb!  We love you!

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Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb! He looks so professional in his overcoat :) P.S. I wanna come up to union and go redneck sledding...looks like fun!